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Central Java

Central Java as one of the provinces in Java, its location is flanked by two large provinces, namely West Java and East Java. Located 5o40 'and 8o30' south latitude and between 108o30 'and 111o30' east longitude (including the Islands of Karimun). Central Java is divided into 29 districts and 6 cities. Wide area of ​​Central Java is 3.25 million hectares, or about 25.04 percent of the size of the island of Java (1.70 percent of Indonesia).
Central Java is one of tourist destination in Indonesia, which has a cultural and tourist attraction of diverse nature, some of the better-known cultural attraction in Central Java is a relic of ancient sites such as Borobudur, Prambanan and others. It could even be said that almost all the temples are large and well-known in Indonesia located in Central Java. Moreover Central Java is also famous for its royal heritage tourism glory of Islam and Javanese palace in the form of buildings, the Mosque and the Tomb of the Kings.
In addition to cultural heritage tourism, in Central Java, you can also visit a variety of natural attractions such as mountain air is cool, do adventure activities such as hiking, camping, exploring the valley, mountains and forests, as well as enjoying the sights of beaches, natural caves, water plunge and so forth.
Central Java is also rich with creativity such as art Jepara carving is already very well known far beyond the country, as well as other crafts such as batik, brass handicrafts, stone carving, ceramics, inlaid decoration puppet and others.

Some attractions that you can visit in Central Java, among others:


Borobudur Temple is one of the best of the past heritage objects in the world, Borobudur even been named as one of the seven wonders of the world. Borobudur temple is actually the largest Buddhist temple.

Based on the records of the inscriptions found, Borobudur was built between the 8th century when Samaratungga (king of Syailendra dynasty) reigned. Meaning of Borobudur itself in the language of Sanskrit is monastery on the hill. Borobudur is filled with ornaments containing philosophical and cultural life in the past.

To reach the temple of Borobudur, from Yogyakarta you can use the services of tourist travel that is available there at affordable prices. Borobudur temple tour packages usually combined with other sights, such as the Prambanan temple. Some also offer a travel package Borobudur Sunrise, sunrise views between the grandeur of temples and statues to be a spectacular sight that will not be forgotten.


One of the pre-eminent maritime attractions in Central Java is Karimun Jawa islands, which is one of the districts in Jepara, also the only district in Central Java are separated by the mainland Java sea within 45 nautical miles of the capital district and 60 nautical miles from the capital city. Karimun Jawa is a string of small islands which consists of 27 islands with an area of ​​7,129 ha and 107,225 ha of water area. According to the beliefs surrounding residents, the name of Karimunjawa is taken from the word Keremun or vague, it is when seen from the island of Java mainland seem vague.

The interesting attractions that you can visit in Karimun islands such as Menjangan Kecil Island, Menjangan Besar, Tanjung Gelam, Legon Lele, Genting, Kembar, Parang, Cemara and Krakal. In this you can also do activities like sailing, water surfing, water skiing, swimming, sunbathing on the white sand beach, camping, cultural tours, observation of deer and birds as well as diving / snorkeling.

To reach Karimun islands, you can follow the tour packages that are offered by a trip bureaus around the city of Semarang or Jepara. The best visiting season is in the months of April to October each year. Access to and from Karimunjawa can be reached by sea from Boat Kartini Perlabuhan Dewondaru Tanjung Mas Semarang and Jepara Beach by air or by charter.

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