Monday, August 1, 2011

Sulawesi Utara

Sulawesi Utara is located at the tip of the island of Sulawesi, and borders the Philippine state in the north. The capital of Sulawesi Utara is Manado. Sulawesi Utara has been established as one of the five tourist destination and one of the 10 areas that can hold MICE tourism objects have a pretty interesting including marine tourism, among others :

Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken National Park is a marine park located in Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia. The park is located in the Coral Triangle, a habitat for 390 species of coral reefs and also various species of fish, molluscs, reptiles and marine mammals. Bunaken National Park is representative of Indonesia's marine ecosystems, including prairie sea, coral reefs and coastal ecosystems.
This national park was established in 1991 and covers an area of ​​890.65 km ². 97% of this national park is the habitat of the sea, while the remaining 3% is mainland, covering five islands: Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Naen and Siladen.

Lake Linou 

As a nature tourist attraction has a characteristic the reflection of sunlight, the surface of the lake Linou will display a different color because the lake contains sulfur. No fish, shrimp or other creatures in the lake Linou this, except the flying dragonflies adorn the lake and spawn here.
Walk around the edge of the lake is very beautiful Linou memberikesan peace, tranquility and happiness are not unheard

Likupang beach

Likupang beach, a very famous tourist obek with its natural beauty with the charm of a cozy beach and had a scene, found the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) are very rare.
Relax on the fine white sand beaches and clean, Diving and snorkeling can be done at this beach or continue travel on Bangka Island Marine Park 30 minutes by motorboat or other kepantai Balubu Likupang ie, Lihaga, Masabora, Sahaung and Pulisang.

Wood House Woloan

Woloan is very famous in Southeast Asia because it has a special expertise that makes Wood House and make Woloan as an object of special interest tours.
Woloan wooden houses inundated with requests from different regions or from some countries in Southeast Asia including the Philippines and Malaysia. Houses made ​​of wood is actually not only made by craftsmen in Woloan Tomohon. In some other areas in South Minahasa regency as Mokobang, Motoling there is also maker of this wooden house.
The house was originally made ​​from wood design Minahasa traditional house, but with changing times, its design evolved, too. Many are modifying a modern wooden house. Another advantage of this house is very suitable in earthquake prone areas such as the Minahasa, the Philippines, Japan and several countries in the Pacific islands.

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