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Lampung is a province in southern Sumatra, Indonesia. In the north adjacent to Bengkulu and South Sumatra.
he Province of Lampung with its capital Bandar Lampung, which is a combination of the twin cities Telukbetung and Tanjungkarang has a relatively wide area, and holds the potential of marine. The main harbor named Pelabuhan Panjang and Pelabuhan Bakauheni and fishing port as the Fish Market (Telukbetung), Tarahan, and Kalianda in the Bay of Lampung.
While in the Teluk Semangka is the Kota Agung (District Tanggamus), and in the Java Sea fishing port there is also such Labuhan Maringgai and Ketapang. In addition, the City of Menggala also be visited by boats down the river fishing with Way Tulang Bawang, while in Indonesian Ocean there is the Krui Port.

Pantai Pasir Putih

Pantai Pasir Putih Lampung really fits its name. This charming white sand refreshes the eyes and cause a strong desire within themselves to surround it. Located about 20 kilometers from the city of Bandar Lampung, where the public is increasingly recognized in recent years.
By using a car that passes through the Trans Sumatra Road from the town of Lampung, you can reach this area within 30 minutes. You can also use public transport from Lampung leading directly to the Pantai Pasir Putih.
You can stay at inns and hotels in the area of ​​Bandar Lampung. If you want to stay in the middle of a quiet island, you can stay at the inn, located on the island of Condong. Simple yet comfortable. A luxury villa is also available in Bule Island, where according to unwind. Along the way to the Pantai Pasir Putih are also available many inns.
You can surround this beautiful beach on foot. By using a motor boat, you can also visit the island of Condong and Bule.

Hutan Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan 

This is a national park aimed at protecting the tropical rainforests of Sumatra island biodiversity and its natural wealth they have. UNESCO made it as a World Heritage. Hutan Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1935 and became a National Park in 1982.
Hutan Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan has some lowland forests in Sumatra. Very rich in biodiversity and is home to three species of the most endangered large mammal in the world: Sumatran elephant (less than 2000 survived), Sumatran rhino (total global population: 300 individuals and drastically diminishing in number) and the Sumatran tiger (the entire global population of around 400 individuals).

South Bukit Barisan National Park included in the Global 200 Ecoregions, namely ranking terrestrial habitats, freshwater and sea on earth the most striking from the biological point of view created by the WWF. The park is highlighted as a priority area for Sumatran rhino conservation through the Asian Rhino and Elephant Action Strategy (AREAS) of the WWF.  
In addition, IUCN, WCS and WWF have identified Hutan Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan as a Tiger Conservation Unit (Wikramanayake et al., 1997), which is the most important forest areas for tiger conservation in the world. Finally, in 2002, UNESCO has chosen this area to be proposed as a World Heritage Cluster and Mountainous Areas of Gunung Leuser National Park and the Kerinci Seblat.

Kain Tapis

Kain Tapis is one type of traditional crafts people of Lampung in aligning his life both to the environment as well as the Creator of the Universe. Therefore, the Kain Tapis is taken through the stages that lead to the perfection of time weaving techniques, as well as ways of providing decoration in accordance with the cultural development of society.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sulawesi Utara

Sulawesi Utara is located at the tip of the island of Sulawesi, and borders the Philippine state in the north. The capital of Sulawesi Utara is Manado. Sulawesi Utara has been established as one of the five tourist destination and one of the 10 areas that can hold MICE tourism objects have a pretty interesting including marine tourism, among others :

Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken National Park is a marine park located in Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia. The park is located in the Coral Triangle, a habitat for 390 species of coral reefs and also various species of fish, molluscs, reptiles and marine mammals. Bunaken National Park is representative of Indonesia's marine ecosystems, including prairie sea, coral reefs and coastal ecosystems.
This national park was established in 1991 and covers an area of ​​890.65 km ². 97% of this national park is the habitat of the sea, while the remaining 3% is mainland, covering five islands: Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Naen and Siladen.

Lake Linou 

As a nature tourist attraction has a characteristic the reflection of sunlight, the surface of the lake Linou will display a different color because the lake contains sulfur. No fish, shrimp or other creatures in the lake Linou this, except the flying dragonflies adorn the lake and spawn here.
Walk around the edge of the lake is very beautiful Linou memberikesan peace, tranquility and happiness are not unheard

Likupang beach

Likupang beach, a very famous tourist obek with its natural beauty with the charm of a cozy beach and had a scene, found the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) are very rare.
Relax on the fine white sand beaches and clean, Diving and snorkeling can be done at this beach or continue travel on Bangka Island Marine Park 30 minutes by motorboat or other kepantai Balubu Likupang ie, Lihaga, Masabora, Sahaung and Pulisang.

Wood House Woloan

Woloan is very famous in Southeast Asia because it has a special expertise that makes Wood House and make Woloan as an object of special interest tours.
Woloan wooden houses inundated with requests from different regions or from some countries in Southeast Asia including the Philippines and Malaysia. Houses made ​​of wood is actually not only made by craftsmen in Woloan Tomohon. In some other areas in South Minahasa regency as Mokobang, Motoling there is also maker of this wooden house.
The house was originally made ​​from wood design Minahasa traditional house, but with changing times, its design evolved, too. Many are modifying a modern wooden house. Another advantage of this house is very suitable in earthquake prone areas such as the Minahasa, the Philippines, Japan and several countries in the Pacific islands.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

West Java

West Java is a province in Indonesia. Its capital was in Bandung. History shows that the development of West Java province is the province that first formed in the territory of Indonesia. West Java province located in the western part of Java Island. Its territory is bordered by Java Sea to the north, Central Java in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and Banten and Jakarta in the west. The area is low-lying northern coast. In the middle of a mountain, which is part of a series of mountains stretching from west to east Java. Highest point is Mount Ciremay, located in the southwest city of Cirebon. The rivers are quite important is the Citarum River and Cimanuk River, which empties into the Java Sea. The main feature of the mainland of West Java is part of the island arc volcanoes (active and inactive) which stretches from the northern tip of Sumatra Island to the northern tip of Sulawesi island. Mainland can be distinguished on steep mountainous region in the south with an altitude over 1,500 m above sea level, the gently sloping hillside in the middle of 1500 a height of 100 m above sea level, the vast plains in the north elevation 0. 10 m above sea level, and the river flow.

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Tangkuban Perahu mountain located about 30 km north of Bandung. This beautiful place is located in Lembang, about 30 minutes from Bandung to use motor vehicles. Tangkuban Perahu mountain has an altitude as high as 2084 meters. This mountain became one of the attractive tourist destinations in West Java. Natural environment is cool, and hot springs in the legs of the mountain. Rows of elongated craters, the main attraction is the actual boat tersendiri.Tangkuban volcano. Tangkuban boat named because its shape resembles an inverted ship.

The White Crater Lake - Patuha Mountain

The White Crater Lake is located in the area Ciwidey, Bandung in West Java. The scenery is quite beautiful, it's cold. On the mountain, there is a stretch of white sand, and there is a green lake in the middle, a view that is quite a contrast.

Bogor Palace

 Bogor Palace is one of six Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia which has its own uniqueness. The uniqueness is due to historical aspects, culture and fauna are outstanding. One is the presence of a beautiful deer-deer imported directly from Nepal and maintained from the beginning until now. There is now a trend Bogor and its surrounding residents every Saturday, Sunday and other holidays walk in around the Bogor Palace while feeding the deer that live in the beautiful palace in Bogor with carrots pages obtained from traditional farmers citizens Bogor always be ready to peddle the carrots are every holiday. As the name suggests, this palace is located in Bogor, West Java.

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Pelabuhan Ratu beach, is a resort on the Indian Ocean on the south coast of West Java. Its location is situated about 60 km to the south of Sukabumi.
This beach is known to have waves that are strong and therefore dangerous for swimmers beach. Topography in the form of a combination of steep and sloping beaches, steep cliffs, pounding waves, and forest nature reserves.
Because this place has its own appeal, the President set up a resting place in 1960 in the Official Tenjo. In addition, at the initiative of Sukarno also established the Ocean Beach Hotel, one of the first luxury hotel built in Indonesia at the same time with the Hotel Indonesia, Bali Beach Hotel, and Convenience Stores "Sarinah", all of which use the funds from the Japanese war reparations.

Cukang Taneuh

Cukang Taneuh or Green Canyon is one of the attractions in West Java which is located in the Village District Kertayasa Cijulang, Ciamis District. Attraction is the river flow that penetrates Cijulang cave with stalactites and stalagmite dazzling and flanked by two hills with rocks and thick trees present unique natural attractions, and challenging.
At the mouth of the cave there is a waterfall Palatar so the atmosphere in this attraction is so cool. Activities that can be done include rock climbing, swimming, boating while fishing. To reach this location travelers can use a lot of boats are available at Pier Ciseureuh, both outboard boats and paddle boats. Nearby attraction Attraction degan Batukaras and Nusawiru Airport.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

East Java

East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which lies in the eastern part of Java island. East Java capital of Surabaya, which is famous for its history of struggle for seizing back the city of Surabaya. To commemorate it, there is Tugu Pahlawan monument located in the middle of the city of Surabaya.
East Java has many exotic places to visit, whether it is a historical and natural attractions.
Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo (from Sanskrit / Old Javanese: Brahma, one of the main Hindu Gods), the volcano is still active and most famous as a tourist attraction in East Java. As a tourist attraction, Mount Bromo become attractive because of its status as the volcano is still active.
Bromo has a height of 2392 meters above sea level is located in four regions, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. Mount Bromo mesh body shape between valleys and canyons with a caldera or a sea of ​​sand covering approximately 10 square kilometers. 
Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area of ​​a circle with a radius of 4 km from the central crater of Bromo.
During the twentieth century, the mountain is famous as a tourist spot has erupted three times, with regular time intervals, namely 30 years. The biggest eruptions occurred in 1974, while the last eruption occurred in 2010. 
For residents of Bromo, Tengger tribe, Mount Brahma (Bromo) believed to be a sacred mountain. Once a year the community held a ceremony Tengger Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo. This ceremony is held at a temple located at the foot of Mount Bromo and proceed north to the top of Mount Bromo. The ceremony was held at midnight to early morning every full moon around 14 or 15 in Kasodo (tenth) according to the Javanese calendar.

White Sand Beach Situbondo
White Sand Beach in Situbondo, East Java, known for its expanse of white sand. Not only that, even this beach morphology is unique. Topography of the curve facing the sea with a backdrop of forests form a cluster of very beautiful panorama. To the north, tourists can see the breadth of the northern seas of Java with a white line on the beach. Behind him, the forest hedge presents its own coolness.
White Sands is one of the mainstay of coastal tourist destination for East Java Province. This is because of its strategic location, namely in the outskirts of Surabaya-Banyuwangi main road. Travelers who want to go to Bali (from Surabaya), or to Mount Bromo (from Banyuwangi), usually stopping to rest and watch the beauty of the panorama presented, especially enjoying eloknya sunset.

Jawa Timur Park
Jawa Timur Park is a tourist attraction that combines in a harmonious concept of education and the concept of tourism in one space and one time, so it can be a means of disseminating information about the repertoire of science and technology (Biology / Chemistry / Mathematics / Physics), Learning Gallery Stadium which can accommodate 300 students, sheets of student Learning Guide and completeness props applied science (Indoor & Outdoor).

And can be a guide to deepen the insight into multicultural nation with the existence of Art Collection Gallery and Pavilion of East Java.
Located on the eastern slope of the mountain Panderman, ± 11 acres in area and height of 850m above sea level, and supported the presence of three new rides every year which is more entertaining and fun, visitors can feel the coolness, comfort and beauty of the panorama of mountains into Jatim Park and Kota Batu.

In addition there are also facilities in the form of an outlet of Food, Beverage, Travel Market, Market Fruit, Vegetable Market and the Flower Gallery. And public facilities are not less important the mosque, clinic, Wartel, Nursery Room, Toilets and Parking representative.
Jawa Timur Park also comes with a Club Flower Boutique Resort & Cottage Lodging Park East Java that will make your tour the show feels comfortable, quiet, pleasant and not in a hurry because of its location relatively close to the Jawa Timur Park.

Religious Tourism - Ampel Mosque
Ampel Mosque is an ancient mosque in the northern city of Surabaya, East Java. The mosque was founded by Sunan Ampel, and nearby there is the Tomb of Sunan Ampel complex. Sunan Ampel was one of 9 Sunan famous by the name "Wali Songo", or nine guardian to establish the religion of Islam in Java.
Currently Ampel Mosque is one of the destinations of religious tourism in Surabaya. The mosque is surrounded by Chinese and Arab architecture building.
Ampel mosque beside the left page, there is a well that is believed to be an auspicious wells, usually used by those who meyakininnya to amplifier pledges.

Jembatan Suramadu

Suramadu National Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Madura Strait, connecting the island of Java (Surabaya), and the island of Madura (in Bangkalan, exactly east Kamal), Indonesia. With a length of 5438 m, this bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia today. Longest bridge in Southeast Asia is the Bang Na Expressway in Thailand (54 miles). Longest bridge consists of three parts, namely highways, bridges and major bridges.